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Expand Your Footprint with Bigfoot Capital

"Working with Brian was fantastic, and he was very knowledgeable of the SaaS space. I always felt that he had our best interests at heart, with a focus on making sure our business got access to financing that wasn't super complicated and made the most sense for us at the time. Looking forward to working with him again in the future!"

Scott Klein, CEO

"Brian and his team helped us fund a tight timeline acquisition that doubled our base business while minimizing equity dilution."

Rob Taylor, CEO

"Bigfoot Capital made it easy to secure the capital I needed to accelerate the growth of my business without having to give up precious equity."


Our Purpose

We’ve personally felt the gap in the access to financing in early-stage SaaS. Many geographic markets lack the institutional capital infrastructure to serve Founders who we believe deserve capital to operate and grow their businesses. At the same time, home-run return profile equity capital is certainly not for every Founder or business.

This is where Bigfoot comes into the picture and why we started our company: to provide financial support and capital solutions to these Founders, who we call SaaS Stallions. We want to help you write some interesting chapters into your company’s story with you keeping the author credits and upside. Think of it as a self-publishing model with you at the helm and Bigfoot at your side as your financial support platform.

Our Beliefs

We believe in:

1. Not falling victim to the startup scene

(We know there is a lot of noise out there. We know it’s comforting to be in the know and share content to thought lead. We know it’s easy to always be networking at events. We also know that these activities are generally distracting and dilutive to building value for your business. You create value, you don’t consume it.)

2. Real businesses with real business models

(We’re not suckers for sex appeal. We like cool products for sure, but we REALLY like sounds metrics and a path to profitability.)

3. Repeatability and Sustainability

(We prefer prudence over pizzazz. Leaky, unprofitable funnels that flame out and negative gross margins for growth at all costs no thanks. Measured and strategic growth initiatives, yes please.)

4. “Killing it” your way, on your terms, at your comfort level

(We see peril in signing up for someone else’s growth and return agenda. We see value in actively avoiding the phrase “killing it”.)

5. Niches not Moonshots

(What may sound small and boring to some, sounds like focused market capture and plenty of opportunity to us.)

6. You’re good enough, you’re smart enough and goshdarnit Bigfoot likes you.

(We mean it.)

Our Vision

We have supported hundreds of SaaS Founders from the early stages of their businesses along their paths to either a successful liquidity event or long-term running and ownership of the company. We’ve been an integral part of their stories, added tangible value, enjoyed ourselves and established lasting relationships along the way.

Our Mission

To deliver supportive capital and exceptional service to the Founders building software applications that make business better and businesses that deliver value to all stakeholders.

Our Values

  1. Be a Founder: Take pride and ownership, Superserve, Sweat the details, Think Forward.

  2. Be Friendly: Operate with respect and empathy. Eschew arrogance.

  3. Be Fair: Be open, honest and reasonable.

  4. Be Supportive: Always aim to add value even if there is no direct benefit. Be additive.

  5. Enjoy Yourself: Find fun in what you do and share it with others.

Our Capital Is:


As your business evolves, so should the capital you utilize to finance it. Bigfoot provides the right capital solution for your current situation. We evolve with you and will not overburden your business with capital that is not a fit.


We only work with pre-Series B SaaS companies with monthly recurring revenue of $25k-$250k. We know what we’re looking for and how to structure accordingly, and we will not waste your time or get cold feet at the 11th hour.


We value simplicity in our products, our words and our asks of you. We love to ask and answer questions and will always operate with transparency and respect for our customers and partners.

Our Support Is:


We provide capital support to help SaaS Founders focus on operating and growing their businesses. We know our role, we enjoy it and we believe in its value.


We are not fair weather fans. We do not chase shiny objects nor chastise a bit of learning as you/we go. When we partner up, we’re in the boat rowing with you.


We get excited about the companies we partner with, and we’re proud to show and act on it. We don’t meddle in your affairs, and we’ll always have your back.

 Brian Parks, CFA

Brian Parks, CFA

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Brian leads the strategic vision and direction of Bigfoot Capital and is fully focused on helping SaaS Founders grow their businesses. He is primarily responsible for capital deployment, product development and customer service. Prior to forming Bigfoot Brian spent six years in early-stage technology companies in a host of operating leadership roles. Before joining the startup community, Brian was an M&A investment banker conducting numerous middle-market transactions across industries.

Dennis O'Carroll

Dennis O'Carroll

Co-Founder and Partner

Dennis leads the risk management and portfolio servicing operations of Bigfoot Capital. Dennis has seven years of commercial finance company founding and portfolio management experience. He currently owns and operates Juno Financial, a financial services firm offering asset-backed credit facilities to growing companies. Prior to pursuing his own entrepreneurial path in financial services, Dennis spent 20+ years in public and private accounting, most recently having spent 12 years with JP Morgan Chase.