Founder-Friendly Financing

Capital Solutions to Support SaaS Businesses Along Their Growth Paths

Getting Your Legs (<$50k MRR)

Hard-Charging ($50k-$150k MRR)

Ready to Run ($150k+ MRR)

Cash Receipts-based Royalty

    • Definition: RBR is a fixed amount facility paid back over a variable term as a percentage of your monthly cash receipts
    • Maximum facility size: $150k
    • Benefits: Moves in step with your gross monthly cash flow (variable obligation)
    • Ideal Customer: Less than 12 months old and experiencing initial market traction across a diversified (>10) customer base
    • Graduation To: Traction Term Loan (Bigfoot’s venture debt product offering)

Traction Term Loan (Venture Debt)

    • Definition: TTL is a fixed amount term loan with fixed current pay requirements and full amortization
    • Maximum Facility Size: $500k
    • Benefits: Lower cost than RBR product, interest only period, fixed P&I payments
    • Ideal Customer: Growing revenue >50% year over year and are either bootstrapping or have raised initial equity capital.
    • Graduation To: Monthly Recurring Revenue Revolving Line of Credit

Monthly Recurring Revolver

    • Definition: MRR is a revolving line of credit based on a multiple of your trailing monthly recurring revenue
    • Maximum facility size: $1 million
    • Benefits: Lowest cost and most flexibility (think super-sized credit card)
    • Ideal Customer: Growing revenue 100% year over year with line of sight to a near-term (<18 months) liquidity event
    • Graduation To: Bank credit facility and/or growth equity investment