A SaaS Stallion is a hard-charging SaaS business led by Founders who are hungry to achieve results, delight customers and grow the value of their businesses without having to completely sacrifice their visions, independence, upside or pride.

Stallions have paths to profitability, they have Founder upside and flexibility, they have time to focus on their business rather than Board meetings.

Lastly, they have no desire, need or reason to portray themselves as unicorns. Stallions are special enough.

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Have You Ever?

  • Wanted to operate your business, not manage a cap table

  • Realized “growth at all costs ain’t all it’s cracked up to be”

  • Thought “Hell, a $20 million exit sounds pretty damn good”

  • Been given the run around by potential investor

  • Just nodded along to at least one of these

Then, chances are, you’re a SaaS Stallion. We back Stallions and learn from/with them.